Ghosts of Somerville 2013




3. Eileen Schofield, CoCurator of Historic Costumes

4. Coming in the gate

5. Evelyn Battinelli, Executive Director of the Somerville Museum.


7. Widow Anna Rand, Farmer. 1738-1831 (Kyana Brizuela)

8. Peter Tufts. 1617 – May 13, 1700 (Larry Willwerth III)

9. Samuel Tufts, Farmer. Son of Peter Tufts. 1737-1838 (Paul Goldstein)


11. Visitor looking over headstone

12. Widow Rand, Peter Tufts

13. Visitor

14. Unknown British Regular 1775. Corporal in HM 10th Regiment of Foot. (Robert Lee)

15. Unknown British Regular 1775. (Robert Lee)


17. Civil War Lady (Barbara Mangum)

18. Civil War Monument

19. Visitor walking past headstone

20. Member of Somerville Improvement Society. 1892. (Diksha Shrestha)

21. Brandon Wilson. Executive Director, Somerville Historic Preservation (left)
Susan Tufts, daughter of Samuel Tufts. 1799. (Ruby Kaut)

22. Visitors coming in the gate


24. Reverent Phineous Howe of First Baptist Society in Somerville. (Tony Xie)

25. Left to right.Hannah Rand ca. 1790. (Kritika Sukhu); Reverent Phineous Howe (Tony Xie) ; Clairiana Bailey. (Barshana)

26. Actors in the sun. (British Regular. Unknown British Regular ca. April 19, 1775 (Ming Zheng).

27. Visitors beyond gravestones

28. Same group closeup.

29. Peter Tufts (Larry Willwerth III), with local scribe.

30. Widow Anna Rand, Farmer 1738-1831 (Kyana Brizuela)

31. Visitor

32. Samuel Tufts tomb. Samuel Tufts, Farmer. Son of Peter Tufts. 1737-1838 (Paul Goldstein)

33. Group listening to Samuel Tufts (Paul Goldstein), who set aside the land for a cemetery in 1804.

34. Adda Santos (left). Adda is the sponsoring teacher of the Somerville High School local history club. She is welcoming visitors to Milk Row Cemetery.

35. Peter Tufts daughter-in-law. 1685, with visitors. (Oscarline) Center


37. Peter Tufts daughter-in-law, (Oscarline); Samuel Tufts slave ca. 1775 (Nehemie Pieree): Susan Tufts (Ruby). Sitting and just visible  is Diksha, in front of her is Vivian Santos; Rightmost is Jailene Escobar as Sarah Wardwell, who was accused of witchcraft in 1692.


39. Colonial Woman 1776 (Eileen Schofield)

40. Eileen Schofield , Adda Santos

41. Actors leaving cemetery. Left to right. Barshana Karki as Clairiana Bailey (1857); Ming Zheng as Unknown British Regular ca. April 19, 1775; Kritika Chetti as the daughter in law to Widow Rand, Hannah Rand ca. 1775

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