Friend's Photos

This sunrise son Pete took while in Spain.

Sperry Brown. Living in Puerto Rico.

"Well I didn't think it would happen this year. My Tababuia glomerata is deciduous and blooms in February. But it is so healthy it never lost it's leaves or bloomed. Much to my surprise a month late, it is in full bloom and beautiful". Sperry Brown.

Cid Sinclair, my friend in Vermont, took this picture just before the storm moved in on him and Barre.

These pictures are done by my friend, Sophie, a French artist living in Paris. And what wonderful and interesting ideas she has.

Ann Marie DiBella's photos. I see this and I think of a strong saxophone playing some blues. Prospect Hill, Somerville, MA

Here is Ann Marie. What a beauty

Son Adam

And then here are some others of Ann Marie's. Wow.


  1. Thank U very Much Skip for your interest for these pictures :-))
    Make me feel like a real artist, love that !! :-)

  2. Indeed you are a real artist. What a wonderful eye and ideas you have. You must do art in your life from moment to moment.