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"When we live in art and beauty we are at our best".
                                                      ---Skip Murray

1. Paris in front of window on a snowing and icing February day. I call her Paris because she is so beautiful, as is Paris, France. Enchanting, brimming with life. 

2. This is Auguste Rodin's, Victor Hugo. I took this picture at Victor Hugo's home in Paris. It is magnificent. It has a permanent place on my wall. When I look at this I think of Paris and when I think of Paris, I think art. Art is what makes Paris, and France, the civilized country it is. There is nothing we do that is more important than art. Sure, we have to live and eat and all, but that part of the mundane aspect of our lives, and should be a minor part of our lives. At least when we are away from it, it should cease to exist until we are at it again. But art, art sustains, it keeps up alive, it keep us bright, aware of what is around us, at times it even shows us who we are and what to do. That is, it shows us who we are if we are looking. Artists stand at the highest level of humanity,  and everything and everyone else comes afterward. 

3. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

4. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY 

5. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

6. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

7. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

8/9. Moody Pond, Saranac Lake, NY 1531/1536 jpg

10/11. Sunset at Lake Flower, Saranac Lake, NY July 2013 0797

12. Lake Champlain, on the Vermont side. In the distance are the Adirondack Mountains. Wasn't I lucky to be here at this moment?

13. Lady Slipper. Hanging out with son, Mike, I found this in his yard. Haverhill. MA 3600.jpg

14. Still Life by Dylan. Dylan was eight years old when he set this up. Nice touch. 9353.jpg

15. Anomaly. Early snow storm in Lebanon, NH. You can see all the green in the tree. Early autumn and the leaves are just starting to turn. The night before, a snow storm.

16. Walk in the woods at Crescent Bay, Saranac Lake, NY

17. Walk in the woods at Kittery, Maine.

18. Haiku 292.jpg

19. Through an airplane window on our way to France.
The sun was going one way and we were going the other.

20. Sunset over Union Square, Somerville, MA

21. This elegant staircase is in the Chateau de Chassagne-Montrachet, Bourgognes, France, in the midst of the premier wine country of Burgundy. We were lucky enough to have an exquisite day of wine tasting, 6 reds, 6 whites, plus a 5 course French dinner, thanks to arrangements made by son, Mike. What a day that was.

22. Inside the Metro in Paris. It is along way up that escalator, and every moment is filled with beauty.

23. Le palais de Chaillot, Paris, France
This scene left me breathless. What beauty. What charm. This palace houses many museums, one of which is the Museum of Natural History. A museum whose goal it is to define humanity in many ways.

24. Metro sign in Paris next to the Moulin Rouge.

25. Misting night, Barrington, RI

26. Misting night, Groton, MA

27. Elm in Milk Row Civil War Cemetery, Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

28/29. Sunset at Prospect Hill Park

30. I just happened to look around to see this bike in the shadow of the limo. Then I noticed by own shadow taking a picture of the bike in the shadow of the limo. Hmm, worked out quite well. Everything is serendipitous, after all

31. Overlooking Union Sq., Somerville, MA. and the Prospect Hill Congregational Church steeple.

32. Storm moving in along a highway in Maine.

33. Boston skyline, Boston, MA 6944.jpg

34/35. Prospect Hill Monument, Somerville, MA

36. Staircase at Prospect Hill Monument, Somerville, MA

37. Our garden wood. Somerville, MA

38. Mushrooms, Noble and Greenough Forest, Dedham, MA

39/40/41. Iris Necklace, Somerville, MA

42. Buddha Blossoms at home.

43. Boston Public Gardens. I took this picture because I like the fence, the trees, the people. The cemetery is pretty good too. It is the fourth oldest cemetery in Boston. Many, many British soldiers are buried here. Poor saps. They never wanted to be here to begin with. And all they got for their pains was to be buried in a hole so far from home with nine hundred or so other lonely and cold souls.

44. Still in the Public Gardens, swan boats ready for the upcoming season. Boston, MA

45. Spring rain on the walkway at Prospect Hill Parkway. Somerville, MA

46. Back again later in the year on the same Prospect Hill Park walkway in Somerville

47. Standing on that walkway here. Somerville, MA

48. Pace University walkway in the rain, Pleasantville, NY

49. Ripples on Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY. Photo by Felista Gallagher. When we got home to look at the pictures we took this day, when I saw this one I said to Felista, "Where was that? I didn't see that." 

50. Lillies on the water at Ambersand Bay, Saranac, NY. Photo by Felista Gallagher

51. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY. 
Photo by Felista Gallagher

52. Fence in Rick and Linda's yard. 
Photo by Felista Gallagher

53. Bees on sunflower 1776.jpg

54. Bee on Mum 5457.jpg

55. Paris gazing

56. Beauty with soft eyes and wolf.

57. Beauty intent. Photo by Felista

58. Silos. Northern Vermont.

59. Crescent Bay, Saranac Lake, NY

60. Loon on Lower Saranac Lake with Sister Islands in the background. Saranac Lake, NY. Felista and I were sitting on the rock in the previous picture and off in the distance we heard this loon in its long. We heard its long trilling sound long before we saw it. Listen to it here. It swam out into the middle between the Sister Islands and where we were sitting. What a surprise, rarely do you get lucky enough to see one of them. Felista, who grew up here, said this is the first loon she had ever seen. Here is a composition someone put together with some great imagery, blending the loon's voice with music.

61. Lake Colby, Saranac Lake, NY. I often sit and read and write with this in front of me. As you can see, the air was late day still.

62. Saranac River, Saranac Lake, NY. I took this picture standing on a bridge in the middle of town.

63. Spring time in North Country. The trees are wildly budding, the snow is still on the ground and the river is running freely.

64. Ripples in Colby Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

65. Rockport, MA

66. Rockport, MA

67. Moon on the rise, Marshfield, MA

68. San Francisco Bay, CA

69. Boston at sunrise. Science Museum and Zakim Bridge

70. Boston at sunrise. Science Museum and Zakim Bridge

71. Boston across the Charles River. Hancock building on the left with Prudential Ctr on the right under a full moon.

72. Boston. Full moon shadow on the Charles River, with John Hancock building on the right.

73. Cambridge, MA. Railing along Memorial Drive, next to the Charles River.

74. Mt. Shasta, CA

75. Mt. Shasta waterfall, CA

76. Denise at Mt. Shasta waterfall

77. Maryann and Ted overlooking their back yard. Waterville, VT

78. Lincoln's house, Waterville, VT

79. Autumn in Somerville. Columbus Ave.

80. Court Street, Dedham, MA

81. Eileen's Door, Warren Ave. Somerville, MA

82. Eileen's Door, Warren Ave. Somerville, MA

83. Spring St. Somerville, MA

84. Spring St. Somerville, MA

85. Nunziato Park, Somerville, MA

86. Keene State College campus, Keene, New Hampshire

87. Keene State College campus, Keene, New Hampshire

88. Bicycle ride in Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, MA

89. Concord Country Club grounds, Concord, MA

90. Concord Country Club grounds, Concord, MA

91. Abandoned mill, Northern Vermont

92/93. Saranac Lake, NY

94. Westford Road, Milton, VT

95. Berkshires, western MA

96. Medford, MA

97. Medford, MA

98. Medford, MA

99. Sunset, Boston Common 9405.jpg

100. Car coming out of trees at sunset. 6547.jpg

101. Spires

102. Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

103. Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

104. This is in the same yard. The lady who lives in the house of the yard where this was taken is an artist. Her whole yard, porch, front and sides of the house is a work of art. Somerville, MA

105. This was taken on Walnut St in Somerville. I just happened to peak over the fence as I was walking along and I was lucky enough to see these people reading a book.

106. Suffield Academy grounds, Suffield, CT.

107. Boston skyline, taken from Prospect Hill, Somerville, MA

108. Columbus Ave, Somerville, MA

109. Waiting for 4th of July fireworks. Esplanade. Boston, MA

110. At sunset. Somerville, MA

111. Boston at night from Prospect Hill Monument, Somerville, MA 5033.jpg

112. Columbus Park, Medford, MA

113. Pollard Field, Billerica, MA

114. After the last out

115. Fenway Park, Boston on a summer night in July, 2013.

116. October 30, 2013. This was taken the night the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series. This picture was shot across the Charles River. That is the Prudential building lit up with GO SOX. I am standing on the sidewalk of Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

117. Babe Ruth statue during fireworks display. Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

118. Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Washington, D.C

119. Granddaughter, Addison

120. Miscanthus. (Zebra grass) Warren Ave, Somerville, MA

121. Miscanthus. (Zebra grass) Warren Ave, Somerville, MA

122. Columbus Ave. Somerville, MA

123. Early spring. Columbus Ave, Somerville, MA

124. Prospect Hill Monument, Somerville, MA

125. I just happened to be sitting in a parking lot, reading one morning, when I looked up and this star was jumping out from behind this tree. What a surprise. Cambridge, MA

Here I am with my camera in Saranac Lake. Photo by Felista

And here I am with Felista. Hello.

Rose: Ava Maria. Warren Ave, Somerville, MA


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