Visions in Adirondack Park

I was at a place I was about to take pictures of and was changing the settings on my camera. I was just shooting, not looking at what I was shooting. Shoot, check for light, reset, shoot again, check the numbers. Reset. This picture was one of those I took when I wasn't looking. Well the camera took it, didn't it? I like this picture. Something about it just makes me like it, and so I do, this tree sitting next to a lake in January, and that is what I will call it: A Tree Next to a Lake in January.

I am just at the beginning of putting pictures, stories, anecdotes and whatnot into this gallery. I am excited about it. The Adirondacks, its trees, rivers, lakes, mountains. Its people. It's people are straight forward, are genuine, gentle, robust. They meet you eye to eye. They live in nature. They look at you through nature's eyes. They are nature. This is their land.

This is going to be large and it is going to be exciting. Everywhere you look you are in the midst of beauty. I hope I can get that beauty across to you through these pictures

Lake Flower, Saranac Lake. November. After an early snow surprise.

In this picture we are on a gondola on our way down after visiting the majestic heights of Olympic Mountain, also known as White Face Mountain. Locals call it "Ice Face Mountain" because the wind blows so hard anything up there freezes into ice in short order. If you can ski this mountain, you are good to go anywhere in the world.

Vermontville. Started out just before sunrise one September morning and was rewarded with this dazzling scene.

Here is another of those misty morningers. This is  a September sunrise on Lake Flower, Saranac Lake.

With the subject of mist still in the air, here is a January sunrise morning. Don't know what the water temperature was, but the air temperature was minus two. McKenzie Mountain looking like a saddle on the left. Again, Lake Flower. Notice how far to the right, from September to January, the sun rose on this morning.

Before I continue, here is a bit about Adirondack Park. It was created in 1892 by the State of New York amid concerns for the water and timber resources of the region. Today the Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States, Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map - click to see larger mapgreater in size than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Park combined. It is also larger than the state of Massachusetts. The boundary of the Park encompasses approximately 6 million acres, nearly half of which belongs to all the people of New York State and is constitutionally protected to remain “forever wild” forest preserve. The remaining half of the Park is private land which includes settlements, farms, timber lands, businesses, homes, and camps.
Do read more about Adirondack Park here. What a place.

Here is that same White Face Mountain, this time from Mt. Pisgah, in Saranac Lake, eleven miles away. That is, eleven miles as the crow flies. If you are driving it is sixteen miles through curvy and twisty mountains roads along the Saranac River.

That was during the summer. July to be exact. This next picture was taken in February. Pretty much the same point of view. Notice in both pictures you can see the ski trail. I guess that was the Downhill during the Winter Olympics. Click on the picture to enlarge to get a better look at it.

Another view of Olympic Mountain. I am standing on the stage where the 1980 Olympic Opening Ceremonies took place, with the Olympic Torch in view.

And here is that Olympic Torch

Here on February 13, 1980 . . . .

And here is that stage where I am taking these pictures

See Olympic Torch . . . .

Olympic Rings

What do you know, there I am.

Turn to the right and there stands the 90 and 120 meter high jumps.

Here they are from a different view.

Great Pines. Great pines are one of the great things about the Adirondack Mountains. Fascinating, seeing them up close. These are not just trees, these are special beings.

Here is a similar twist in the road. It is all movement and flow in perfect time and rhythm.

Pines alone together, with the stray deciduous.

Lake Flower. Green Boat waiting on Shore. This picture, simple, clean. This boat belongs to a couple of friends, who I made friends with when I showed them this picture I had taken of their boat. Happened to be around one day when they showed up to take it out.

Lake Flower. Late in the day, the sun heading toward sunset.

And here is that sunset on Lake Flower. Same day, just waited around a bit til this sunset came about. One of the local people encouraged me to stay around for the red burst. I did and here it is.

Fiddle fern art work in downtown Saranac Lake, on the corner of the building housing the Fiddle Fern Bistro.

Lower Saranac Lake

I took that last picture just about from where I am standing right now taking this picture.

This guy is in a neighbor's front yard

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