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The Camera Does The Photography Work.

I Am Its Eye.

The curiousness about being out with the camera is that you never know what is going to happen. For instance, Felista and I were walking down Rue Albrecht in Paris, when I happened to look down to see my long shadow under a street lamp. A few snaps and this is the photograph I found when I got home. The hat I am wearing I had bought earlier that day on Rue de Montparnesse. Nice tilt, eh?

I use this card to promote my art in photography. Yes, art. People ask me if I am a professional. I tell them no, I am not a professional. I don't even know what that word means. I am an artist.
Skip Murray Photography Logo
Skip Murray Photography Logo

So I have put together a bunch of my pictures that I am pretty happy with.
I hope you are as well, and well.

Here I am stepping out of Vincent Van Gogh's doorway in Paris. He was not at home. Well, at least I checked to be sure. There is that hat again.

I was visiting my sister Betty and found this doll's front and back view while I watched myself taking this photograph.

On sight at a photography shoot at the Milk Row Cemetery in Somerville, MA.

I just happened to look around and saw a bike in shadow of a limo, then I noticed my own shadow taking a picture of the shadow of the bike in a limo. Hmm, worked out quite well. It is all serendipitous, after all.

This was our electric Happy New Year electronic card Felista and I sent out to all our friends on the Eve of New Year's Day, 2014. Isn't this electrifying?

Here I am doing a palm reading for the Pace University, New York, mascot. What we have here is a case of an highly unusual palm. Photography by Felista.

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