One of those amazing days, at Moody Pond, Saranac Lake, NY, seconds before the rains came hard and heavy. Photo by Felista Gallagher.

1. Leisurely waiting on a quiet afternoon at Woods Hole, MA

2. Lake Champlain between Charlotte, VT and Essex, NY. Getting ready to cross over on the ferry.

2. Saranac Lake, NY. Photo by Felista Gallagher

3. Saranac Lake, NY. Photo by Felista Gallagher

4. View of the Adirondack Mountains on the ferry crossing Lake Champlain

5/6. Lake Flower at sunset. Saranac Lake, NY 0797/0801.jpg

7. Lake Flower at sunset. Saranac Lake, NY 0734.jpg

8. Lake Flower at sunset. Saranac Lake, NY 563.jpg

9. Lake Flower at sunset. Saranac Lake, NY 564.jpg
10. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY 562.jpg
11. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY 555.jpg

12. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

13. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

14. Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

15/16. Moody Pond, Saranac Lake, NY 1531/1536.jpg

17. Moody Pond, Saranac Lake, NY 1530.jpg
18. Boston skyline from harbor cruise ship. Boston, MA 6944.jpg

19. Sunrise in Boston. Zakum bridge, the Museum of Science up front.

20. Sunrise in Boston. Zakum bridge. Boston, MA

21. July night. Big moon. These two tall buildings in Boston are the Hancock on the left and Prudential on the right, across the Charles River. 9105.jpg

22. July night. Big moon. Reflections stretch across the Charles River to where I am standing in Cambridge, MA. 9148.jpg

23. Memorial Drive along the Charles River. Cambridge, MA 9119.jpg

24. October night in Boston. On this night the Red Sox won the World Series, October 31, 2013. This picture was taken from Memorial Drive, in Cambridge. The river reflects what was in the air that night.

25. Fireworks at getting ready to happen on this 4th of July night at the Esplanade in Boston. People are on a barge on the Charles River. Front row seats.

26. San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge in, what do you know, golden light. 380.jpg
27. Felista took this picture that looks as much a Monet as any Monet.  When we later looked at the pictures I said to her, "Hey, where was that? I didn't see that." What a fantastic picture. Lower Saranac Lake, NY.

28. Lower Saranac Lake, NY. Photo by Felista

29. Photo by Felista Gallagher. Wow.

30. What an eye for what nature gives us. Photo by Felista Gallagher.


32. Ames Street Bridge in Dedham, MA. Nature is filled with such wonder it is inconceivable until it is there before your eyes.

33. This calm water. Not a ripple of wind. Amazing Vermont.

34. Swan boats getting ready for the season at the Boston Public Gardens. Weeping willows pouring over those boats.0030.jpg
35. Boston Public Gardens.

36. Abandoned mine in Vermont.

37. Moon peaking through the clouds on a beach in Marshfield, MA.

38. Rockport, MA

39. Rockport, MA

40. Rockport, MA. Slightly different view and time from above.

41. Newburyport, MA

42. Along the shoreline at Colby Lake, Saranac Lake, NY

43. Loon on Lower Saranac Lake, with the Sister Islands behind it. Saranac Lake, NY.

44. Colby Lake, Saranac Lake, NY.

45. Crescent Bay, Saranac Lake, NY. This is the rock Felista spent hours and hours on, mingling with nature.

46. Runoff from Mount Shasta, CA

47. Waterfall, Rockport, MA

48. Springtime in the north country. Snow is on the ground, ice has melted, green is filling the trees.

49. Spain. Photo by Peter Murray

50. Cohasset, MA 9107.jpg

51. Cohasset, MA 9124.jpg

52.Rockport, MA

53. Cohasset, MA 9175.jpg


55. The Lady Duchess checking out the ducks on the American River. Sacramento, CA

56. Mountain Stream in the Adirondack Mountains

57. Same stream. Different view.

58. There I am with my camera doing camera things. Photo by Felista Gallagher.

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