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Psychic View Points Entertainment, since 1992. 
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We are experienced in all and any kind of party: 
        Private house parties
            Birthday parties
                Corporate events
                    Bat Mitzvahs
                        Bar Mitzvahs
                            High schools
And any other party you can think of or imagine.

Tarot Readings

Palm Readings

Handwriting Analysis 
(Taken from Lewis Carrol's manuscript, Alice in Wonderland.

Psychic View Points has been entertaining guests, 
spreading wisdom, positive feelings, personal insight 
for more than 20 years.
We specialize in Party Events
All our readers are handpicked, experienced, dependable, positive and enlightening.  

You hire us, we do the rest.

We come with the right props to dress up your occasion.


People LOVE hiring PSYCHIC READERS for 
Their most memorable parties
Why not make yours that next Memorable Party?
For You, Your Children, Your Friends, Your Co-Workers.

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For the Best in Psychic Entertainment


Uplifting           Fun         Engaging
We love doing these parties.
Psychic View Points Entertainment focuses on 
Positive, Inspiring, Uplifting and Meaningful Readings.

Everyone will have a glow after a reading.

We provide accurate, inspirational readings that spark and ignite gregarious conversation, adding exciting magical backdrop that complements your special event.
We value being people-focused, creating fun times, accuracy, passion, building rapport, quality, communication, knowledge, productivity, presentation, professionalism, and we go the extra mile, always.

We are careful in our word choices and are fully aware that we are at a party that is meant to inspire warm and happy feelings.
We treat everyone with warmth and respect.

 Accurate   Insightful   Genuine

Who is the You that Shines From Within?

Author, Erin Morgenstern, Night Circus.

Hey, here is a familiar face, Jack Sparrow.

A beauty queen, Miss America. 
In this business, we never know who will come and join us  at our table.

No kidding.

Another mascot?

Ooh, how fun is this?

Are you wizard? I think so.

Party just now finished and a picture with a couple of beautiful ladies before leaving.

Emphatic Felista

Are these people having fun or what?

Okay, let's look closely at this.

Springtime at a Rhode Island college. Here we have again, a large turnout at a college.

Got the cards and the palm going at the same time here.

Electrocuted lady at this corporate party. Still smiling. That's a good sign.

Frozen Lady. Eesh. That's cold.

Ah, what have we here?

Snow White having a card reading with Adam.

Okay, time to take a card to see what is here for you.

This lady is excited to see what is in that card she is about to pick up.

And here is what this means.

The Balloon Lady. Check her out at Boston's Fanueil Hall. What a beautiful palm you have, Wendy.

These parties are such fun.

Ready for the festivities to begin.

The Ethereal Look.

Spiders climbing walls at a Halloween party.

A happy couple ready for a reading.

Jess with a couple of young men coming to hear what the cards have to say.

Jess, with a happy person who has come to find out what the Tarot reveals for her.

About to board the Odyssey for a corporate event with, Emily, the purple hair clown.

Inside The Odyssey for a palm reading, just before the beginning of the event.

Hey look, I am surrounded by the Pace University cheerleaders. How good is that?

And here are some of the football guys stopping in before heading out to the field.

Glad to meet you, too.

Cards, cards, cards, and crystals.

The Mystery.

Here is a happy person. We like that.

Always fun

Alicia doing her magic


See that line, great career choice for you.

Felista at a college event

Corporate event again in Boston. Brought that snazzy hat with me back from France.

Top of the Hub.

Roger spreading his wisdom.

What a great party this was.

Tim reading at a College event

"Here pick a card," at a haunted hotel Halloween party.

Felista's cards

Felista at a corporate event

Just after a job at a Western New York college

College event

Looking directly into the eyes.

At a high school graduation overnight safe night event

Fundraising event in Boston

House party at Halloween.

Magic Wands


Michele, reading palms at a University

Felista at a Bat Mitzvah in a Boston hotel.

Roz and an interested person at a Boston hotel event.

Psychic View Points signs on display

Felista with the girls at an outdoor birthday party.

Large gathering around out tables at a high school event

Psychic View Points Entertainment for all your Party Needs
Engage with your Dreams with
Psychic View Points Entertainment
 Contact us to get your party going
(617) 625-3515

Jean-Paul Sarte theme going on here

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