Adirondack Canoe Classic. "The 90-Miler". 2018


2. My first time to experience the Canoe Classic. And wow, what a festive and invigorating happening. So glad I was here for it. Here we have some of the first boats arriving.
3. People spent the best part of the past three days, and nights, making their way along this ninety mile ride, in this annual Adirondack Canoe Classic, flat water race. The course, a combination of lakes and rivers, follows the original Adirondacks highways, starting in Old Forge and finishing in Saranac Lake. And here we even have a map of the course. Click on the indicators to see what each tells.

4. Smiling faces about to make land at Saranac Lake.

5. Directing traffic onto land.

6. Overcoming obstacles. Overcame obstacles. Doesn't look like the easiest ride, does it?

7. You know this third paddle has been many times on many waters. Must be an old friend.

8. Pulling this boat across all those miles, needed much strength and stamina to bring it home. These two ladies were up for the task. This boat, called a Guide Boat, has a history straight out of the Adirondack mountains. Check it out here: Guide Boat.

9. Here is that beauty up close.

10. Ah, the whole crew. The person in the middle is a pit crew member, helping out along the way of this journey.

11. Might this be a grandfather and grandson? From Rochester, NY.

12. A lot of strength in these guys.

13. Pictures after all.

14. What a crowd, boats and people. And every person with a smiling face. Tired, and smiling. Saw many drained of energy faces, and still happy.

15. So crowded with boats by now, there is nothing to do but to step over one boat, and then another, to find a place to set down.

16. Yes, shore parking does get a bit tight.

17. Just enough room.

18. Food is good. These boats have many uses, nice eating table, wouldn't you say?

19. Lots of seats for lots of people on this crew.

20. Then there is the solitary rider.

21. While not so solitary riders continue toward shore.

22. Got crowded at times, even in the water.


24. Bringing it home.

25. Getting late. Many boats picked up and taken home by now.

26. Some still lying around looking good.

27. Is that fall color I see? Young tree, ready for an early sleep?

28. Plenty of practice with portage, now to set it down a final time.

28. Looks like this canoe is on top of that jeep, doesn't it? Isn't though. Pure Paul Smith college manpower.

30. The happy end to this incredible three day excursion.

31. This van made it all the way here from New Jersey. Looks like it is ready to head back. Speaking of distances, not only do people come from as far away as Florida and California, people from all over the world made their way through this 90-Miler.

32. Now, what was this all about?

33. If you are interested in having pictures of yourself, or friends, or loved ones from this year's Adirondack Canoe Classic, here is the man, who many of you know, Mark Kurtz, to see about those pictures. He still has many stunning pictures waiting for you. All you have to do is to contact him at, and make arrangements with him to get your picture, or pictures. 

34. And there he is tucked away behind all those people lined up to get their pictures.

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