Village Views Art Exhibit


1. Here are some of my pictures that will on display at BluSeed Studios, here in Saranac lake, in April, at the exhibit I will be showing. As I say, some. Others are ready and waiting to be printed and framed. Have to hold out some, after all.

1. Now, the actual pictures, framed and all, of all things. Here we are at the top of Main St., Saranac Lake, on a bright bristling spring day. 

2. A look down Broadway, from the top of Main St.

3. The same view, B&W.

4. Saranac Laboratory Museum. So much tuberculosis research was done in this building the late 19th and early 20th Century's, that Saranac Lake was the leader in TB research in the world.  

5. ArtRise. Our newest addition to the art culture here in Saranac Lake. People of all ages and descriptions can come in and enjoy the adventure of art with the wonderful teachers who help them along every step of the way.

6. Every third Thursday, June, July, August, and September, we have the festive, ArtWalks, in the Village, sponsored by Saranac Lake, ArtWorks. Up and down Main and Broadway artists display their paintings, sculptures, music, jewelry and all other manner of art, for all to see, enjoy and buy. These particular Thursdays we all look forward to as spring turns into summer. Here a youngster on a bicycle sits transfixed by the stilt walker. And if you look closely, you can see, in the green shirt, down on the left and behind the stilt walker, Andy Keal, part owner of Nori's, enjoying the show, as well.

7. Here is Sammy Swoosh Yelle, what an incredible entertainer. People come from far and wide to watch her perform. What a show.

8. Here we have a view from the incredible Adirondack Canoe Classic, also known as the 90-Miler. Landing here in Saranac Lake, is the reward after traversing on a three day journey, across rivers, lakes, and various portages, starting in Old Forge, NY, to a happy landing.

9. A look over and under the bridge on Broadway, on a fall day.

10. This is Lake Flower surrounded by mountains, McKenzie in the middle, topped by an elegant rainbow. What a treat.

11. Sunset at Lake Colby. Many regularly daily line up along the shore to see what the view has in store on that day.

12. Lower Saranac Lake. Casual canoe ride through sunset.

13. Deer tracks crossing Lake Flower toward open water. McKenzie mountain helping to frame the view.

14. Sara the Snowy Owl, at Winter Carnival, next to a friendly bear, at the center piece of Winter Carnival, the Ice Palace. Every year the town turns out to build the Ice Palace, each person volunteers, some even take their vacations from work to participate in building this incredible structure.

15. Opening fireworks display at Winter Carnival. 

16. Winter Carnival Gala Parade. As you can see, many, many turn out for this incredible event, and so many wonderful artists contribute to it, some of which are shown here. 

17. Winter day, ice, sun, puffy white clouds, the Village Town Hall, shown in all its magesty. 

Adding to the pictures at this exhibit, will be a number of post cards I have developed. Someone told me there are no Saranac Lake post cards available for visitors. So I remedied that situation in short order. Here they are.


PicFair Website:

These last three are where the pictures for the exhibit are being stored, at home in my studio. 


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