Village Views Exhibit at BluSeed Studios 2022

1. Fireworks at Winter Carnival


2. Canoe at Sunset on Lower Saranac Lake


3. Lower Saranac Lake at Sunset


4. Lake Colby Sunset


5. Lake Colby Sunset with High Grass


6. Canoe at Ampersand Sunset


7. Rainbow at Lake Flower


8. Rainbow at ArtRise


9. Icicles


10. Lake Flower Piers


11. McKenzie Mountain Across Lake Flower


12. Riverwalk in Winter


13. Trudeau Chapel; Train Depot


14. Rock Shop at Broadway


15. Walk Along Main St


16. Artists Guild Art Gallery


17. Saranac Laboratory Museum


18. Main St Building Facade


19. Human Power Planet Earth


20. Broadway B&W


21.. Sara The Snowy Owl at Winter Carnival Ice Palace


22. Somabeats at Winter Carnival Gala Parade


23. Winter Carnival Gala Parade


24. Farmer's Market Collage 1


25. Farmer's Market Collage 2


26. Artwalk


27. Stilt Walker Performance at ArtWarlk


28. Sammy Swoosh Yelle performance at Music On The Green


29. Springtime in Upper Main St


30. Broadway


31. Art at the Pink House


32. Adrondack Canoe Classic. Landing at Lake Flower


33. Great Blue Herons


34. Canoe on Saranac River In Fall


35. Saranac River at Broadway


36. Saranac River crossing under Broadway Bridge


37. Pine Street Trestle


38. Trudeau Chapel in Fall


39. BluSeed Building Under Moon


40. BluSeed Viewers


41. 4th of July Fireworks

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