Fall Views

Abandoned mine, Vermont.

Saranac Lake, along River Walk

Back yard visitor on a sunny afternoon at Gallagher's home in Saranac Lake, NY

Adirondack Mountain fall view being enjoyed by a raven.

Somerville, MA

Ted & Maryann looking over their back yard. Waterville, VT

17./18. Walnut St, Somerville, MA

19. Summit Ave, Somerville, MA

20. Summit Ave, Somerville, MA

25. Sanborn St., Somerville, MA

26. Along Lake Colby, Saranac Lake, NY

28. Barn in autumn, Foxborough, MA

30. Northern Vermont

31. Leaves falling over graves. Johnson, Vermont

32. Lapland Road, Waterville, Vermont

33. Northern, Vermont. The beauty is astounding. This picture was taken along a rolling and meandering route between Milton and Johnson.

34. Curious in Vermont

35. Waterville, Vermont

36. Berkshires, MA

37. Concord, MA

38. Concord, MA

39. Concord, MA

40. Prospect Hill Park, Somerville, MA

41. Prospect Hill Park Playground, Somerville, MA

42. Prospect Hill Park Playground, Somerville, MA

43. Prospect Hill Monument, Somerville, MA

44. View of Boston from Prospect Hill Monument

45/46. Prospect Hill Park Walkway, Somerville, MA

47. Prospect Hill Park Stairway, Somerville, MA

48. Park Benches, Foss Park, Somerville, MA

49. Foss Park, Somerville, MA

50. Foss Park, Somerville, MA

51. Spring St., Somerville, MA

52. Spring St., Somerville, MA

53/54. Spring St., Somerville, MA

55. Spring St., Somerville, MA

56. Spring St., Somerville, MA

57. Keene State College grounds. Keene, NH


60. Birch in autumn, Vermont

62. Conway Park, Somerville, MA

63. Conway Park, Somerville, MA

64. Conway Park, Somerville, MA 9633.jpg

64. Maple at Conway Park, Somerville, MA

65.  Somerville, MA 8206.jpg

66. Somerville, MA 8219.jpg

67. Josephine Ave, Somerville, MA

68. Nunziato Park, Summer St., Somerville, MA

69. Greek Orthodox Church, Somerville, MA

70. Warren Ave, Somerville, MA

71. Columbus Ave, Somerville, MA 9623.jpg

72. Riverside Ave, Medford, MA

73. Cambridge, MA 0448.jpg

75. South Hero, Vermont

76. Leaves lying around in Foxborough, MA

77. Hey, what do you know, there is Deja celebrating this season's joys and pleasures.

78. White Pumpkin in Tyngsboro, MA

79. Tyngsboro, MA

Westford Road, Milton, Vermont

Saranac Lake, NY

Saranac Lake, NY


  1. Re your photo #33: Where in Hinesburg is it located?


  2. John,
    Thanks for checking in. Thanks for looking at my pictures.
    Well, it has been years and years since I took that picture, and guess what, when I went to the maps to find out exactly where I took this picture, I realized Hinesburg is nowhere close. So, it is not Hinesburg. I remember taking this picture on one of my drives from Milton, where I was living at the time, to Johnson, where I was working at the time. I think maybe this picture was taken somewhere in the vicinity of Jefferson. It is so Vermont, isn't it? I like the picture and I love Vermont. The Motherland. Thanks for helping me out with this. I'll have to relable it, Northern Vermont. At some point I will return and find out exactly where it is. Thanks again.