Open Minded Mic Night, May 16, 2019

1. Chloe and Wil, about ready to step inside to step onstage, bringing with them a banjo, cello banjo, and in Chloe's left hand is one of the oldest stringed instrument in the world, the guitar.

2. Wil, Chloe and friends, excited for the start of the show.

3. Conversations, guitar ready, the show about to happen.

4. Connor, the host, with a few beginning words, while Russel, on the soundboard, sets the dials.

5. Connor.

6. Someone must have said something funny to Connor, or he might have said something funny.

7. James. Guitar

8. James again, this time playing a bit of jazz on the ukulele. Jazz on a ukulele? Really? Indeed.

9. Xavier. On what? Yes, the ukulele. Two in one building on the same night, on the same stage. Well, BluSeed Studios does attract all manner of outstanding doings and goings on.

10. Xavier bearing down.


12. Nigel.

13. Allan. Playing classical music on his guitar. 


15. Glenn


17. Wil with the cello banjo.

18. Chloe & Wil

19. That smile will capture the camera every time.



22. The Dustbunnies

22. Shamim

24. Elaine

25. Mary Lou



28. Chloe & Connor closing out the show

29. How was that?

30. Connor with his grandmother

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