Open Minded Mic Night, June 13, 2019

1. Getting ready to be the first on stage tonight. One of the few times Will has brought the guitar to the stage with him. With Will though, you can expect him to play any number of instruments. He takes a particular liking to the piano, which he can't carry up onto the stage.

2. One of the performers standing outside BluSeed Studios taking in some friendly conversation and shining Adirondack air, while waiting for the show to begin. Hey, that's Todd Johnson, the karaoke DJ.

3. Kathy Recchia with a few words before the show begins, and then introducing the host of tonight's show...

4. Josee Allard. Check here out here: Josee Allard

5. And Josee is accompanied by Kevin Glennon.

6. Wow, can these two play and perform. Glad I was there for it.

7. Russell who knows all the right buttons to push to make the sound just right on this night, as he does on all nights, wherever he is at the sound controls. 

8. Will Gray on guitar and vocals, accompanied by Laura Trudell.

9. These two were really in synch.


11. Man in the cowboy hat down in front enjoying the show.

12. And here is that man with the hat, Todd Johnson, playing a fine blues harp.



15. David Melbie, guitar, percussion, vocals, of the band Damaged Goods. Just guitar and vocals tonight, though. The rest of the band is somewhere but not here.


17. Larry McGory. He's feeling it.


19. What a show.

20. Josee and Kevin back on stage for a second round. 



23. "Look up, Connor". Connor Celeste getting setup for his performance.  

24. Always innovative. Always a pleasant surprise. Whenever I hear him sing, Connor reminds me of Stan Rogers.


26. Robert John Erdman. First time on stage. He was fantastic. Got some really nice subtle blues licks.



29. Glenn Burnett looking on, guitar in hand, ready to step up to the BluStage.


31. Here is Glenn. Words and music always flowing.



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